Last week, I bought a book at Sears store. The name as title is everything you want to know about meat.

It covers Beef, Pork, and Lamb. More than 250 pages.  In my family, we all love meat.

I just read very beginning of this book. It shows me that what is Chuck, what is brisket, what is rib, etc.  I can learn a lot from this book.


The amazon book description said:

From sumptuous steaks and prime cuts to braises and savory stews, this guide is a carnivore’s delight. Gourmets will appreciate the book’s accurate and comprehensive information about when, where, and how to buy meat; how to tell if it’s fresh, and how to prepare, cook, carve, and serve meat to best advantage. From store to kitchen to table, this compendium fills in all the blanks about how to obtain fresh meat from humane and sustainable sources, identify cuts, and fillet and carve them, while offering up a rich trove of reliable recipes.

A visual directory that showcases each cut and comments on flavor, preparation, and cost rounds out this indispensable culinary reference

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