I am using Dell R710 for more than one year. Based on the other user’s posts, the idle power consumption is 150W, peak power consumption is 270W.

Here is my setup.

Dell R710

CPU: 2 x intel Xeon E5620 @ 2.4GHz

RAM: 12 x 4GB = 48GB

Storage: 146GB SAS HDD as system. 1TB SATA HDD as storage

OS System:  Proxmox 7.1

VMs: 4 VMs are running 24×7 (total 16CPU, 30G RAM are allocated)

Power Supply: 2 PS are used.

The reading of the power consumption is 154W on my server.

And later, I unplug the PS1. Just leave one power supply on it. The reading is 140W now. It saves about 15W.

It looks like removing one power supply can not save a lot of electricity.

Let me do some math.

In BC, Canada, BC Hydro provide power to my house. The current base rate is published on their website.

Giving 150W, 30 days a week.

150W x 24h = 3600Wh = 3.6KWh/day

3.6KWh x 30 =108 KWh/month

For a month:

BC Hydro will charge:

I will not count the basic charge, because I will always use it, no matter I have a server or not.

So, just Energy charge.

108KWh x 0.0939 = $10.14/month

For a year:

10.14 x 12 = $121.68


This is my cost to run a Server at home, $122. It is about 15% of my BCHydro bill.

I am thinking about how to reduce power consumption.  Maybe I need two Mini PCs. One for a soft router, one for VMs.

In my research, one soft router uses about 15W. A VM host uses about 70W.

So the total replacement will be about 85W. The annual operating cost is about $69. It may save about $47. Only when the replacement hardware cost is less than $94 or ~$100, which is a two-year power bill saving, I will do it.





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