Yes, I just upgraded my VPS from old plan to new platform. Actually my old VPS at Linode is SSD cached system. They called it SSD Beta. I used it from last September.  I did a performance test at that time.

SSD Cached Linode


  • UnixBench (w/ all processors) 2086.0
  • UnixBench (w/ one processor) 324.3


  • Read IOPS  28016.0
  • Read Bandwidth  112.0 MB/second
  • Write IOPS  12494.0
  • Write Bandwidth  49.9 MB/second


Now, after upgrading my VPS, I did a new test through



  • UnixBench (w/ all processors) 1023.3
  • UnixBench (w/ one processor) 559.6


  • Read IOPS  83772.0
  • Read Bandwidth  335.0 MB/second
  • Write IOPS  45037.0
  • Write Bandwidth  180.1 MB/second

UnixBench one core scroe is much higher than before, about 72% more. It is benefited by the new CPU. But Linode reduced total core from 8 to 2, so the UnixBench with all processors is lower.

IO performance is very faster, just because of the fast SSD. And last one is Bandwidth is 166 MB/s compared with 24.3 MB/s of old setup.

It is good time to order you VPS at Linode. All SSD powered VPS for new instance. Price is still $20.00.

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