I started to blog in 2004. There is one post regarding a flash clock which is published in Nov. 2004.
It was MovableType 3.15 when I made the flash clock file.
After many years changes, the file is lost. I can not find it on the web server. I can not find it on my desktop archives either.
So I go to the Internet Archive WayBack Machine.
I searched my site domain and landed on the year 2005 of my site.
Followed the link I go the page which embeds the flash file.

Then I use Firebug on Firefox to locate the URL of the flash file.
At last step, I download the file and make it live on my site now.
Link on Internet Archive, https://web.archive.org/web/20050221193641/http://www.yinfor.com/2004/11/new_flash_digit.html

David Yin

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