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Internet Archive WayBack Machine Help Me to Get a Lost File Back

I started to blog in 2004. There is one post regarding a flash clock which is published in Nov. 2004.
It was MovableType 3.15 when I made the flash clock file.
After many years changes, the file is lost. I can not find it on the web server. I can not find it on my desktop archives either.
So I go to the Internet Archive WayBack Machine.
I searched my site domain and landed on the year 2005 of my site.
Followed the link I go the page which embeds the flash file.

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A different kind of storage solution

Every modern company needs the best data storage possible. With all of the exploits of common operating systems as well as the malicious entities that are constantly attempting to infiltrate your defenses for inside information to your company, you owe it to your employees and your customers to protect your company.

For the best in all data storage and protection systems including the top notch SATA raid/SATA raid storage system components, be sure to go to Nexsan ( Nexsan has quickly become one of the top companies in data storage because of its ability to adapt with the modern business landscape. No matter what needs a business may have, Nexsan is always one step ahead of the competition when it comes to data storage. It was one of the first companies to implement true virtualization technology for small and medium sized businesses.The SMB community has given its loyalty to Nexsan ever since.

Currently, Nexsan is a brand with several solutions for all kinds of data storage challenges. In the modern globalized economy, businesses need solutions that combine top notch encryption with the ability for remote access and Cloud implementation. Nexsan is on the cutting edge of this industry with many data storage solutions that fit the bill. If you have not checked out the website, you should visit today and give your company the data storage and protection options that only Nexsan can give.

Backupify -TweetBackup service retired

I am using Backupify to backup my tweets. Now it announced that this service is discontinued.

Your TweetBackup account will continue to back up for the next 30 days, until June 13th. Access to the service, and your data, will be disabled on June 28th. You will have the full 45 days to export any data. Please visit our Tweetbackup service shutdown FAQs answers to common questions, or you can also contact support directly with your questions.

Actually, when Twitter provide Twiter Archive service, it is not necessary to use the third-party backup service.

It is easy to do it.

  • Sign in
  • Click Settings
  • Under Account tab, scroll to the bottom, click the button beside the Your Twitter archive.
  • Then you will receive an email with the archive download link.

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How to apply Gmail Filter with two or more email address

I use GMail filters to keep all the emails I get from different stores flyer under their own labers.

To make a filter in GMail that handles more than one address, you can separate the addresses with a vertical bar – ‘|’, but not a comma. |

Or you can follow GMail’s help advice, and put them all in parenthesis, with an OR between addresses.

( OR

The OR technique doesn’t seem to work without the parens, while the vertical bar does…

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