I tested the Internet connection speed tonight. Because I will have CIK service tomorrow.
Now I am using Telus, which I switched from Shaw last year.

I tested the Internet Speed last year. the result is :

13.97Mbps Download / 0.84Mbps Upload 32ms Ping.

The new result I got few minutes ago is :

I tried Shaw Speedtest tool and result is:

Ping: 87ms

Download speed: 14.31Mbps

Upload speed: 0.49Mbps

The CIK service I will use is Internet through Shaw.

Package:Extreme Plus High Speed

Download/Upload speed: up to 25M/2.5M

Unlimited data.

The price is $29.99

Pre-paid one year fee, so, no activation fee, free modem.

This package is similar to Shaw HighSpeed – 25 , but much cheaper.

Comparing with Shaw HighSpeed -25 $60.00/month, CIK is only half price.

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