CIK internet speed test

Shaw Cable technician came this morning, and just connected my Cable in the meter room. He said it is not necessary to come into my house.
I looked at the cable modem lights, it works. I confirmed it and said thank you to him.
It is 25Mbps download Maximum, and 2.5Mbps upload Maximum on my one year contract with CIK. $30 per month.

Now I tested the speed with service. The result posted above.
5ms ping.
24.08Mbps download
2.15Mbps upload.
It is better than my expectation.


  1. I am so happy to see this article. Actually, I am not aware about this internet speed test. Now I really happy to see it and I will try this speed test today itself. Thank you so much for this valuable informatiob

  2. This shows some really great UI for internet speed test. Thanks for sharing.

  3. CIK’s price is much more reasonable than Bell or Rogers and they don’t sacrifice connection quality. The connection is always fast and I never have to wait long to load a website or stream Netflix.

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