It is colder and colder. It is autumn now. Indoor temperature is about 20 degree. So be prepared for the winter and clean the vent.
First, I made an appointment with Furnace Service company.
The service including cleaning Vent, up to 10. They use vacuum with hose to clean the dust inside of the caliduct.
They also cleaned the fan and inspected motor.
The total cost is about 100 dollars. If you order in summer, it will be 70 dollars.

Today, I replaced the Vent Filters, or Vent Register Filtration.
It looks like a fiber cloth. Easy to trim to fit inside of the register.
It helps trap dirt, dust, smoke and pollen size particles through furnace.
You can find the filters from Walmart or other stores.

I use the exactly same as the one above. Called WEB Vent Filters.

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