Tonight, I cannot stand the crowded desktop of my computer. I decided to uninstall or delete some, which are not used oftenly.
Guide line:
The program is not used in the past three months will be treated as a unusable program.
The following is the list of them:
Google Video Player,
Hide IP Platinum 1.4
Monitors Matter checkscreen 1.2
OfficeReady Profession 3.0

Pc Alert 4
QuickCHM 2.6
Skype For Internet Explorer
Stamp IT
Virtual Cover Creator 2.10
UUTV – Client 4.0.3
Wik & The Fable of Souls
Touch Pro
Ranking ToolBox
Hello Engines? Professional
PageMaker 7
Air Strike 2
Demon Star SM2
Tiny Cars 2
PadEditor by BB 1.0.0
Xeno Assault II
Now, my desktop is cleaner than before.

David Yin

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