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It is time to Clean the Vent and replace the filters

It is colder and colder. It is autumn now. Indoor temperature is about 20 degree. So be prepared for the winter and clean the vent.
First, I made an appointment with Furnace Service company.
The service including cleaning Vent, up to 10. They use vacuum with hose to clean the dust inside of the caliduct.
They also cleaned the fan and inspected motor.
The total cost is about 100 dollars. If you order in summer, it will be 70 dollars.

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How to apply Gmail Filter with two or more email address

I use GMail filters to keep all the emails I get from different stores flyer under their own labers.

To make a filter in GMail that handles more than one address, you can separate the addresses with a vertical bar – ‘|’, but not a comma. |

Or you can follow GMail’s help advice, and put them all in parenthesis, with an OR between addresses.

( OR

The OR technique doesn’t seem to work without the parens, while the vertical bar does…

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Spam Filtering update in MT

SixApart announce an update of the default plugin Spamlookup
It is a manual update. The steps as below:
1. Login to Movable Type. (Your account will need to have System Administrator privileges.)
2. Click on the “Plugins” link in the main navigation on the left hand side.
3. Look for the “SpamLookup – Lookups” plugin set listed among your other plugins.
4. Click “Show Settings.”
5. Under “IP Blacklist Services” highlight and replace the text “” with “”.
6. Click “Save Settings.”
After update, the commenting speed will be improved. You can try to leave your comment to test it.
Of course, the known spams will be blocked automatically.

How to connect DSL line filter

Devices such as fax machines, caller ID boxes, or telephones that connect to a DSL phone line require a line filter, which prevents noise from disrupting the DSL signal on the phone line. Line filters must be added to every device that connects to a DSL phone line. Note: The line connected to the DSL modem can connect to a dual stand-alone filter. Otherwise, do not use a filter on the DSL modem.
There are two basic line filter configurations available. First determine if you have dual stand-alone line filters (figure A), or single stand-alone line filters with a “Y-adapter” (figure B). Then follow the appropriate set of instructions below.

Setup instructions for dual stand-alone line filters (figure A)

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