I ordered another eReader, Kobo, on Futureshop. It is Kobo 6″ eBook Reader (N416-KBO-W) – White – Refurbished. No, it is not brand new one, but still have one year labor warranty.
I would like to have a simple ebook without any wifi, 3G, this kind of things. I just want a e-reader to read pdf files.
Let us see the details of it.
Screen Size 6″
Screen Resolution 600 x 800
Screen Technology E Ink
Touchscreen No
Colour Screen No
Greyscale Levels 8
Backlit Display No
Front-lit Display No
Screen Rotation Support No
Document Formats DRM ePub, PDF, Adobe DRM
Image Formats PDF ePub
Audio Formats No
Video Formats No

Text Highlighting No
Text Size Adjustment Yes
Text Search No
Text-to-Speech No
Bookmarking Yes
Built-in Dictionary Yes
Note-taking No
Clock No
Internal Storage Capacity 1 GB
Digital Storage Media Accepted SD
Included Memory Card 1 GB SD Card
The price is $79.00 plus tax.
The order status say, Scheduled for Ground (Estimated arrival date(s) 01/11-01/22/2011) . I am waiting for it and want to compare it with Kindle when I get both ebooks.

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