Install the Perl Image::Magick on Centos

I have an VPS at I pick up Centos 5.5 installation. To make MovableType work on it, I have to install Perl module Image::Magick. The image thumbnail feature will be disabled if no Image::Magick installed.

Every time I do it, I always have the problem to install it. Now I recorded here for reference.

Here is the official guide for installation of ImageMagick. I follow the instruction, but it is still not working.

So I use the way suggested on above link.
The handy notes provided by John Walker. The rest of this post are based on this notes mostly.

Let me put everything in order.
First, I do the following commend in SSH windows.

yum install glib<br />yum install glib2<br />yum install libpng<br />yum install libjpeg<br />yum install libtiff<br />yum install ghostscript<br />yum install freetype<br />yum install ImageMagick<br />yum install ImageMagick-perl

Then I follow John’s notes.

 rpm -aq | grep ImageMagick

Make sure the following three packages installed

After you have installed the three required packages, make a note of the version reported by the “rpm -aq” command. For the current release of CentOS 5, the ImageMagick package is reported as “ImageMagick-” in which the version is 6.2.8.

What you need to do is to go to the Image Magick archives on SourceForge and download the complete source code distribution for the version which corresponds to that installed on your system. Extract the downloaded source code archive into a directory, but do not proceed to build the application and libraries. Instead, simply enter the PerlMagick subdirectory and build and install the Perl module manually with:

cd PerlMagick<br />perl Makefile.PL<br />make<br />su<br />make install

Then, run mt-config.cgi again to double check and confirm Image::Magick is installed and working properly.

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