Playing my Centos Server 5.5 on VirtualBox.
I can not install flash player on Firefox. By Google it, answer is following.
Installing the flash player on centos/redhat linux seems to be very difficult sometimes. But the installation is quite simple :). The flash player may not be installed automatically using firefox. While trying install firefox, you may get the error following error ” Firefox could not install this item because “install-0zr..rdf” (provided by the item) is not well-formed or does not exist. Please contact the author about this problem.”The Screeshot of error is provided. To fix this issue, you need to upgrade/install certain libraries using yum. I have mentioned the commands below.
1. First you need to install those libraries (.i386 and .x86_64):

yum install curl compat-libstdc++-33 glibc nspluginwrapper

2. Once done with the libraries, we need to download the flash player rpm.
download the rpm inside the folder flash.
click here to Download
3. Next we need to execute the command below to install the rpm. This command should be executed inside the folder, where the rpm is downloaded. Ours is in the folder ‘flash’.

rpm -ivh flash-plugin-

(replace with the version of rpm you have downloaded)
4. Close the Firefox and restart it. You should be able to see the flashes hereafter.

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