Install Windows Live error hr:0x80004005 on XP

I have Windows XP pro on one PC. Windows Live Messenger 8.5 running well on it.
This week, every time I sign in MSN, it show me the message that I can upgrade to the new version.
I tried many times to install the new one, it always gave me the unspecified error. Code is hr:0x80004005.
I solve this problem to-night.

1) Uninstall the current Windows Live messenger 8.5
2) Go to “C:\Program Files\Windows Live” and remove “Messenger” folder (note: replace “C” with your root drive letter)
3) Download the latest WLM version availible on
4) Install the latest one.
Now my Windows Live Messenger is 14.0.8089.726


  1. I still can’t fix it man D:
    Helpppp !

  2. Thanks man! You saved my life today.

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