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Error 8e5e05f6 on Live Messenger at Windows XP

MSN Live Messenger always gave Error 8e5e05f6. After Windows Update. If you are receiving Error 8e5e05f6 when you sign into Windows Live Messenger 2009, please try the following: 1. Enable Hidden Files and Folders: 1. A. Windows XP : 1. a.i. Click on “Start”, click “My Computer” 1. a.ii. On the “Tools” menu, click on

Auction live through Naalive

Yesterday, I mentioned Able Auction. Now let’s look at the live auciton online. This service is supported by NAALive.com. It is a realtime bidding system for auction companies. This is a screenshoot of Vancouver Office Furniture & Equipment Auction which is held this morning from 10AM to almost 2:40PM. There are 737 lots. My bid