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Windows Live Messenger error 0xc000005

I tried many time to start a Windows Live Messenger on a Windows XP with SP3.
It is always come with error 0xc000005 when I try to load it.
I uninstalled it and reinstall it. Still error.
I download the new installation file, still error again.
How I solve it at the last? I did a clean installation of Windows Live Messenger.

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Error 8e5e05f6 on Live Messenger at Windows XP

MSN Live Messenger always gave Error 8e5e05f6. After Windows Update.
If you are receiving Error 8e5e05f6 when you sign into Windows Live Messenger 2009, please try the following:
1. Enable Hidden Files and Folders:
1. A. Windows XP :
1. a.i. Click on “Start”, click “My Computer”
1. a.ii. On the “Tools” menu, click on “folder options”.
1.a.iii. On the “view” tab, locate “Advanced settings” and then follow these steps:
Check the option “Show Hidden files and folders”
Clear the option, “Hide protected operating system files check box”.
Clear the option, “Hide file extensions for know file types check box”.
1. a.iv. Click ok and close the window.
2. Delete Windows Live Contacts folder :
2. a. Click on “Start”; double click on “My computer”
2. b. Browse to the location
Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\\Local settings\Application Data\Microsoft
2. c. Delete “Windows live contacts folder” completely.
Note: Ensure to exit Windows live Messenger from the task manager before deleting Windows live contacts cache folder, otherwise you will get an error prompting that you can’t delete the folder .
2. d. Try signing into Windows Live Messenger.

Install Windows Live error hr:0x80004005 on XP

I have Windows XP pro on one PC. Windows Live Messenger 8.5 running well on it.
This week, every time I sign in MSN, it show me the message that I can upgrade to the new version.
I tried many times to install the new one, it always gave me the unspecified error. Code is hr:0x80004005.
I solve this problem to-night.

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