I have a set of Logitech EX110 keyboard & mouse set at home. I used it about 20 months.
From last month, I have a problem with the mouse.
When I make a single click on the left button, it works like double click. Not always, but very often. And also it happens randomly.
So I have nothing to do with it. I find a wired mouse to replace it.
Later I read a post has similar situation in Chinese.
OK. I have a small screw driver and sewing needle.
I open the mouse with screw driver.


Open the cap of the micro switch with sewing needle.
Clean the contact points by a copier paper. Cut a small piece of paper, fold it and put it in between of the points. Just rub couple times.
Assemble it and it works.

David Yin

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2 Replies to “Logitech EX110 Mouse problem

  1. I just took the clicker thingy out of another mouse and inserted it in my broken one…bit tricky to get the cover off as there is no room between the micro switch and the wheel mounting assembly.I worked with tweezers & magnifying glass.The little copper clicky thingy is a bit tricky to insert as it has to be bent/tension on it as you insert it.The picture above is misleading because it’s removed from the mouse,most people wouldn’t unsolder anything.Tweezers work well for reassembly,hold the unit by the little tab that sticks up through and apply pressure on main body with finger or thumb to inser into place.Great site,i’ve been fixing things for years….especially crappy epson printers.

  2. Oh YEAH dude, had the same problem recently (the mouse was not cheap – 50$), had to figure it out myself – how to disassamble that crappy microswitch, and clean too..

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