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A Guide to Online Payment Casino Options

Every casino online offers different modes of payment. Players have the liberty to choose the way in which they would like to deposit and withdraw money from their user accounts. The advantages and disadvantages of every payment method are unique and, therefore, as a player, it is your choice to choose which one you’d like to use depending on your own convenience.


Casino games like poker, Blackjack, craps, roulette, and more are extremely exciting. While online casinos give you an option to play for free, the thrill of gambling is experienced only when you deposit real money. If you have never played with real money before because you are worried about the security of paying online, here’s a look at some of the popular payment methods used on casinos online:

1. PayPal

This is, without a doubt, the most widely accepted, trusted, and recognized method of paying online. PayPal allows customers to make secure payments and has been in existence for around two decades. The platform is used to make purchases online, gamble at PayPal casinos, send and receive payments for business transactions, and more.

2. MasterCard

MasterCard entered the market in 1966 as a primary competitor to Visa in the space of international credit cards. Customers across the globe have accepted and trusted the bank card. It is also popularly used in the online casino industry. There are several MasterCard casinos online and if you want to find one for yourself, the task is rather easy. MasterCard users enjoy a lot of freedom and can choose a casino on the basis of their requirements and preferences.

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Great deal of New Nexus 7 Tablet

It is a great deal for a 7 inch Nexus table.  I ordered it on Nov. 7. Received it yesterday.

The tag price on is $249.99

The total I paid is less than $150.00

1) Sign Up $25 Promo. It can be used on this order.

2) Sign Up 20% rebate for

Go to through Link

3) $10 Coupon  on checkout page.
4) Pay by Paypal Check Out, get $25 Speical discount
5) Last

The formula is as below:

($249 – $10)X1.12 – $25 = $243.79

1.12 is the tax rate in BC. The $243.79 will show on the order details page. When I got the Nexus 7, I have another reward $20, then I have $26.09 rewards can be used in next order.

On site. I have 20% rebate, it is about $42.99. and also a signup bonus at So I have total $52.99 rebates. It will be send to me at next payment on Feb 15, 2014 through paypal.

So the total I paid for this item is $243.79 – $25(paypal) – $52.99 – $26.09 = $139.71

$139.71 including tax and shipping.

If I order it through Google official site, the price is $229.00 plus tax.





The place to find your Scanners and CB Radios

Scanners and CB radios are important for a family to have on hand. When they lose power due to storms or when there is an emergency where they cannot use their phones, families can rely on scanners and two-way radios to keep in contact with the rest of the world and to summon contact emergency services.

These resources should be found in every home. However, some people are hesitant to buy them because of some stores’ prices. However, people save money on their radios and scanners when they shop at Bearcraft Warehouse. This store carries the latest selection in police scanners, two-way radios, CB radios, digital scanners, and handheld scanners. A person can find the best scanner or radio for his or her emergency needs and enjoy knowing that he or she paid the lowest price for their scanner. People who are radio and scanner hobbyists or like to hear the radio traffic of the military, law enforcement, weather spotters, and other emergency personnel often like to use digital scanners.

With a digital scanner, a person can pick up on the frequencies used by airports, law enforcement dispatchers, the national weather service, and other personnel. While many people listen to this traffic as part of their hobby, other people rely on the Uniden home patrol scanners at to listen to this information and keep their families safe. They can save money and buy reliable and quality scanners by skipping their local retailers and shopping instead on this retailer’s website.

A Chat Tool That’s Just Right For A Site – Chatwing

A site that focuses on selling products usually has a support center that its clients go to whenever they have a problem or a concern about a product they bought. However, since it uses a contact form, it may take days or even a week before it gets answered. This comes as a great turn-off for people who want to get their problems solved ASAP and as a result, they may even have to reconsider buying a product from that site again. This problem can be easily solved by setting Chatwing on the site.


Chatwing is a live chat software intended for sites that are catering large volumes of traffic, but it works just as efficiently in other sites as well. Site owners can easily embed this chatting tool into their sites through simple procedures and the chatroom can hold a lot of people chatting inside it – it can occupy 7000 people at most.

Joining the chatroom is also hassle-free. Chatters can simply use their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo) to gain access to the chatroom. They can also use their Chatwing accounts or as sign in as Guests if they want to join anonymously. With the given options, clients won’t have to go through the hassle of registering an account to chat with the management.

Site owners are also able to modify the chatroom to give it a more personalized feeling or to fit with their site’s theme. This makes Chatwing much more noticeable for their clients or simply more appealing for them. But for whatever reasons, this nifty chatting tool simply looks better when it’s fully customized than not.

And to make sure no one is able to make a mess of the chatroom, the user must use Chatwing’s security functions. He can ban people out of the chat app and delete their messages with ease. Applying the word filter would make it even better as it can prevent the use of profanity. With these features, the chatroom is sure to be free of spammers, abusive people and other harassers.

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PayPal has Pay After Delivery service

I make an online order at Actually I just did an order last month. But this time there is a little bit different when I use PayPal to pay this order.
It displayed an option on PayPal payment window. The option is to let me choose Pay After Delivery. What is the Pay After Delivery?

With Pay After Delivery, you don’t have to pay for your purchase until after you receive your item. Only certain purchases offer Pay After Delivery as a payment method. If it’s available, you’ll see the option on the Review Your Information page during checkout. There is no fee to schedule a payment using Pay After Delivery.
When you use Pay After Delivery, we pay the seller right away, so there’s no delay in sending you the item. We withdraw the payment from your bank account 14 days later.
You still have full coverage on your payments. If you don’t receive your item or the item isn’t what you expected, just let us know by reporting a problem in the PayPal Resolution Center. If you report the problem within 14 days of making your purchase, we’ll put your payment on hold and you won’t pay until the dispute is resolved.

I make the order on Oct. 1. The payment is scheduled on Oct 22, 2012. So, it looks like more than 14 days. Maybe it means 14 business day.

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Get the Coupon Code for your Next shopping

We shops almost every day. Most of them are local retail store. Some are department store. We lives in a material world. We need to spend the money we earned. And we have to spend money wisely.

Now it is 2012, more and more online shopping became part of our life. Online shopping give us a chance to save the gas and time. Cut the distance between store and us. We can even buy stuff from foreign online store. But, it is not enough. One of the most important things is SAVE money. Every time I do shopping online, I will looking for a coupon or coupon code.

Use coupon code at online store is almost same as use a printed coupon at a local store. But you do not have to collect the coupon from the news paper, coupon book, or magazine. You just need a click to go to to find the coupon you want. has almost all kinds of coupons at a wide range of stores. It has a category. Just browsing the popular category, such as, cell phone, beauty, pet, etc. you will always find the one you are interested. There are also seasonal section. Now it is Easter.

Use the coupon you get from at your next shopping, so that you will get the best savings you can.

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Got your Steam account to play the game on any computer

I tried Steam game platform during last week.
It is great. I can treat it as cloud game platform.
1) Has one account of Steam.
2) Download and Install Steam on One of my computer.
3) Purchase game from the steam platform with discount.
4) Download the game and install it.
5) Steam will auto download patches or updates of the game.
I have 3 computers. One desktop in office; One Laptop at home; One desktop at home.
I can download Steam and install it on these three PCs. The game I bought can download and install on these three too. I can play the game on any PC with my game records. Transfer smoothly.


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Travel site in English market

Destinia is a very famous travel agency in Spanish. It has a lot of facilities to help user to find a hotel right for him. Look, it has a catalogue with more than 150.000 hotels in countries all over the world. It is a big database.
Now Destinia introduces in English market. English is the most used language in the world. So it open the biggest door to the people want to search a good deal of vacation.


The price of the hotel Destinia recommended is reasonable.
The best deal of Paris is GBP25. GBP35 for London, GBP40 for New York, GBP25 for Tokyo, and GBP15 for Bangkok.

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Watch TV online – TVU

Just know this site and service and software, TVU networks

You don’t need to sign up. Just download the client software and launch it.

There are hundreds channels can be watched through it.

Of course you need the high speed Internet to keep TV video smoothly.
A typical TVU channel has a bandwidth of 280-400; channels with bandwidth under than will usually be of lower quality. Channels with a bandwidth of 400-550 will be high-quality. Channels with bandwidth over 550 can work well, but only if the broadcaster and the viewers have very high-speed Internet connections.

I watch ROC President Ma’s speech live yesterday. Good video quality of TVBS-N.

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Blackjack Club

Blackjack Club is an onlne casino which provides online black jack game.
It has many table games including Blackjack, Bacarrat, Caribbean Poker, Sic Bo, Roulette, Craps, Pai Gow, Pontoon.
Slots machine is also fun. Blackjack Club has two 3D games too. One is racing horse, the other is Arctic Adventure.
The online game is asking for downloading and installation. User just download the small install package, 136KB, and run it. During installation stages, it will let user choose language, which including 15 languages, currency type, and installation type.
After finished installation. The online game is ready for user.
It has two mode. One is play for fun, which is totally free. No charege. No register required.
And also you know, you just play for fun. You can not get the number of money back. It is a number only. Real number.
The other one is play for Real Money. The registeration is required. A detailed information form have to be filled to create an account. This mode is good for real casino player. If you are the Blackjack player, and have an computer with high speed internet access at home luckly, and also watch my post, it is right for you. You don’t need to go out and drive 100 miles to find a casino. Just stay home and play this Free Online Blackjack.

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