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BYOD to FIDO Mobile

When you want to bring your own device to Fido mobile, what kind of device is good for you?

There is some information you need to know.

Fido Mobile is one of the third service providers.

  1. Rogers wireless, Fido, Chatr
  2. Bell Mobility, Virgin Mobile, MTS Mobility
  3. Telus Mobility, Koodo Mobile, Public Mobile

There are also some small one, such as Freedom Mobile, SaskTel Mobility, etc.

Fido plus two other sister brands, Rogers and Chatr, has over 10 milion. subscribers. The No 1 in Canada.

Fido Network:

2G Network: GSM 850/1900, GPRS 850/1900, EDGE 850/1900

3G Network: HSPA+ 850/1900,  UMTS 850/1900, HSDPA  850/1900, WCDMA 850/1900

4G Network: LTE B17 (700Mhz) / B4 (1700/2100Mhz) / B7 (2600Mhz)

Fido Connection icon display

LTE 4G connection





When 4G connected, I did a speed test.


Fido has LTE 1700 first.  Now it starts to enable other bands, including 700 and 2600,  to whole Canada. That is why my cell phone, YQ601, does not always get LTE, or 4G connection. Because YQ601 has 2100/1800/2600 only.

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Web site of Burnaby City has SSL error

It is an error. When I enter the url of Burnaby City hall at Chrome browser on my cellphone, it displayed with error.

Red crossing line on the https. It said Your connection is not private. Attackers might be trying to steal your information from


2015-12-21 16.18.52

It is OK when I browse the site on desktop. It looks normal.

I use SSLLABS server tool to check the certificate installation.

The report said it has a certificate chain issues: missing intermediate certificate. Continue reading “Web site of Burnaby City has SSL error”

Make your business mobile with Chelsea

We all know that the world is going mobile. Almost every person has a smart phone. Or, two smart phones, one for business, one for personal use. Smart phone has a screen, small screen. But it is the used most often screen among all kinds, all different sizes screens. People spend more than two and half hours per day on their mobile phones.

It is the most important screen for business.

If your competitors go mobile, but you don’t. You may loss a lot of business to them. So, my suggestion is to start make your business mobile now.

Chelsea Apps Factory can make enterprise mobile apps in a smart way.


Chelsea Apps Factory helps a lot of business make better use of mobile applications to cut costs.  They will develop mobile app for you. If you need a consumer apps, they make it. If you need enterprise apps, they make it too.

For consumer apps, consumers use their own smart phones which has your apps installed. Maybe a coupon code scanning task, maybe a mobile store interface. It will make your consumer base broader.

For enterprise apps, your employee, or your internal people, can use your apps on the mobile device to work for you. Smarter and faster on the go.

Chelsea Apps Factory is a fast growing company. Look at the list of their client. It should be a long list. Including Ladbrokes, iCukoo, Practical Law, Waitrose, etc.


Start to Use Feedly cloud

I used selfoss about 5 month. As a replacement of Google Reader, it is good, but not good enough. The development is slow. The duplication of items still there.
Now I give it up and go for Feedly.
Feedly is a Cloud Feed Reader platform.
I can read feeds on desktop. I can read feeds on my Android with Feedly App.
Feedly will tell you how many readers on a particular blog feed. Look at one of my blog, it has 1K readers.

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How to Install a Mobile Style on phpBB 3

It is based on phpBB 3.0.11. I checked the Google Analytics report. There are about 20% users using cellphone or iPad.
To accommodate these users, I installed a mobile style on it and added the Mobile device detection facilitate.

There are 4 steps to install it. Very easy.

Step 1
Download the Style package and unzip it.
Blue/Orange style
Unzip it and the folder structure looks like below.

Step 2
Upload all files unziped into the Styles folder on server.

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WordPress Mobile Pack is great

Just bought a iPod Touch 32G edition. It has safari browser. I use it to browse one of my Blog powered by WordPress. The text and images are so small. I know I can enlarge them by two fingers, but it is still has width problem.
I thought it must be some plugin can do it to make a blog mobile.
I did a google search and find this one: WordPress Mobile Pack
I install it on the backend of WordPress.
Just a few clicks to config it and it works.
I went to my blog. WordPress detected my browser and knew it is from an hand held device. So it gave the mobile version of Blog.
It is perfect. I don’t need to setup an separated domain for mobile device. Just like some site named as The regular site domain is
The configuration steps as below.

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