We all know that the world is going mobile. Almost every person has a smart phone. Or, two smart phones, one for business, one for personal use. Smart phone has a screen, small screen. But it is the used most often screen among all kinds, all different sizes screens. People spend more than two and half hours per day on their mobile phones.

It is the most important screen for business.

If your competitors go mobile, but you don’t. You may loss a lot of business to them. So, my suggestion is to start make your business mobile now.

Chelsea Apps Factory can make enterprise mobile apps in a smart way.


Chelsea Apps Factory helps a lot of business make better use of mobile applications to cut costs.  They will develop mobile app for you. If you need a consumer apps, they make it. If you need enterprise apps, they make it too.

For consumer apps, consumers use their own smart phones which has your apps installed. Maybe a coupon code scanning task, maybe a mobile store interface. It will make your consumer base broader.

For enterprise apps, your employee, or your internal people, can use your apps on the mobile device to work for you. Smarter and faster on the go.

Chelsea Apps Factory is a fast growing company. Look at the list of their client. It should be a long list. Including Ladbrokes, iCukoo, Practical Law, Waitrose, etc.


David Yin

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