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Got another HTC Desire HD battery

It is ordered on I mentioned before the store is normal quality, low price, slow shipping. This battery is for my almost 2 year old HTC Desire HD smartphone.  The battery life is the key issue for Android phone.

The original battery has short standby and using time. I have to charge it more than once a day.

So I decided to get a new battery.

Nohon Battery. Li-ion battery  for HTC A9191 Desire HD, 1200mAh.

The official site


Continue reading gave me 50GB free storage for life

Cloud storage is all the rage nowadays, and Box is doing a promotion that’s sure to make those of you who just can’t get enough happy: the company is giving away free-for-life 50GB accounts to anyone who downloads and uses the updated Android app by March 23rd.

I applied my first account from my computer. It said I have 5GB free space with 25MB file size limitation.
Then I use my Android cellphone, HTC Desire HD to download the app and enter my account.
The message said I have be upgrade to 50GB free space. And the file size limit is 100MB.

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Start to use HTC Desire HD

Last week, I got my new cellphone, HTC Desire HD. I used this cellphone two months as a temporary replacement last year. I feel it is a good Android phone.

So, when I am asked to pick one replacement as a new cellphone. I chose HTC Desire HD.
Telus send it in two days after ordering by phone.

It is a small box.

Look at the box

Took the phone and see the back of it and stuff in side of the box.

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