I ordered a pair of new DDR4 RAM from Amazon.ca. The price is OK for me. The most important is I want to increase the memory of my PC from 16GB to 32GB. At the same time, I got the higher speed. The old RMA is 2400MHz.

XPG Gammix D10 DDR4 32GB (2x16GB) 3200MHz PC4 25600 288-Pin CL16-20-20 Memory Module Kit (Black)

  • 2 oz. of copper for quicker cooling under extensive tasking
  • Support Intel and AMD XMP 2.0 for overclocking
  • Supports Intel X299 and AMD Ryzen x570 chipset
  • 20% less energy consumption than DDR3
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty from XPG

I paid $167.99, including tax.

You may find it is cheaper now.


If you are from USA, I suggest you to buy D20.

I did a lot of research about the performance of the 3200MHz ram vs 2400MHz ram.

The performance increase is very limited. It is maybe just 2% increase on the CPU side.

But I am using AMD Ryzen 5 2400G CPU and GPU. So the Ram speed did affect the performance of GPU. So there is another 5 to 10 percent increase added, depending on the Game or programs.


Here are the details of these RAM sticks. https://www.xpg.com/uk/xpg/486

One of the features is NO RGB. I don’t like light pollution.

The Module number is: AX4U320016G16A-DB10

Let me try to decode it.

  • 4 = DDR4
  • U = U-DIMM
  • 3200 = 3200MHz
  • 16G = 16GB
  • 16 = CL16
  • A = -20-20
  • D = Dual Pack
  • B = Black
  • 10 = GAMMIXD10

Datasheet of the XPG GAMMIX D10 DDR4 memory.datasheet_xpg_gammix_d10_ddr4_memory_module_20210517

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