Yes, I just update the Thunderbird form v68.10.0 to v78.0.1. Thunderbird 78.0.1 was released just a few days ago.

Actually it is not an update. It is an installation and overwrites the old version. See the following

  • Add-on support: As of version 78.0, Thunderbird only supports MailExtensions. Your favorite add-ons may not have been updated for compatibility.
  • At this time, users of the Enigmail Add-on should not update to Thunderbird 78.
  • OpenPGP functionality for Thunderbird 78 is still work in progress and is disabled by default in the 78.0.1 release.
New look of Thunderbird v78.0.1

I already saw the new look, new face of the Thunderbird 78.

Let me have look at the new features of Thunderbird v78.0.1.

  1. A new design of the compose window.
  2. Dark mode, based on the system app theme color mode.
  3. Calendar and Tasks Integrated
  4. Account Setup & Account Central Updated
  5. Folder Icons and Colors Update
  6. End-to-End Encrypted Email Support

Here is the what’s new in Thunderbird 78 official post.

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