It is very strange that I can not use my private/public key pair to connect my VPS on Google Computer Engine. Although I can SFTP to the same VPS with same keys in Filezilla client, and PuTTY client.

I did a lot of try. At the last I found it is because I make the keys by PuTTY Key Generator program.

My PuTTY programs are the latest version 0.70.

It is the solution to tell you how to SFTP to Google Computer Engine in Dreamweaver 2017, or even Dreamweaver 2018.

Step 1, Generate public/private key pair

Run Git Bash terminal window.

I want to make the key by my name, binghuiyin

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048 -C "binghuiyin"

Then it will ask for the location of the keys. I prefer to have them in d:/gce-key/ folder.

It will also ask for the passphrase. So I entered my password.

Done, I have two files in the d:/gce-key/

binghuiyin is the private key. is the public key.

ssh-keygen generate keys



Step 2, Enter the public key into Google Computer Engine VPS

I have to copy and paste the content of the key into the VPS.

Google Cloud Platform > Computer Engine > VM instances

Find the VPS or VM instance name is “potato”, Edit > SSH Keys

GCE VM details

There is a link, Show and edit below the SSH Keys

I just open the public key I made in the setp 1, and copy the entire key data content and paste it into the edit box.  Click the Save button.

Step 3, Enter the server config into Dreamweaver 2017

Open Dreamweaver 2017, Manage Sites > Edit your site > Servers > Edit

Dreamweaver 2017, SFTP settings

Connect using  SFTP

SFTP Address is my server URL, you can also use IP address here.

Authentication: Private Key File

Username: binghuiyin, I use it in the step 1

Identity File: The private key file I made in the step 1.

Passphase: I made in the step 1.

Then I click Test button. Wait a few seconds.

I know it works, when I saw the message “Dreamweaver connected to your Web server successfully.”.

This is the my little story about how to use ssh-keygen command to make key pair, which works on my Dreamweaver and GCE, or Google Computer Engine.

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