PostTwiOAuth 0.40 released

PostTwiOAuth 0.40 released just 9 days after 0.30 release.
The author added two more new settings.
1) Enabel Twitter Client
2) Use Twitter @Anywhere
I do not know which purpose for these two. And not sure how to use them.
If you know the details, please comment below.

David Yin

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  1. Hi David-
    I’m trying to configure PostTwiOauth on my (recently upgraded) MT5 blog. I tried to follow your instructions. But it’s not going well. The plugin is installed. The permissions for the cgi file is changed to 755. I applied to register a Twitter Application, added the key, the secret and the callback url in the plugin settings. But I’m not sure what to do next. I expect that eventually I’ll have a way to allow publish to Twitter on the Create Entry page, but for now it’s not there. Please let me know where what I’m doing wrong.

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