Enable Memcache on phpBB 3

First of all, I need Memcache to be installed in the server.
I don’t want say too much about installation of Memcache. The topic is MAKE MEMCACHE WORK ON PHPBB3.
First get acm_memcache.php from code center of phpbb.
Put this file under /root/includes/acm/
There is acm_file.php already.
Then modify config.php
Replace $acm_type = ‘file’
$acm_type = ‘memcache’
That’s all.
Of course, if you do not use the default memcache installation, you need to config acm_memcache.php to let it know your IP and port.

David Yin

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4 Replies to “Enable Memcache on phpBB 3

  1. Sergey –
    Could you explain or point me to where I can learn how to do what you suggest ->
    “And in addition you need to install special
    memcache PHP extension. Thats makes thing work.”

  2. Well, I have used memcache on my forum and then decided to replace it to APC and when I did it my forum speed problems totally disappeared and forum starts just flying! =)
    That is because when you install APC it is used not only in phpbb, but also on PHP layer. And also APC does not use TCP/IP, which is actually not nesessarry in this case. All thats make brilliant performace improvement and I strongly recommend this solution to everybody!
    PS: installation of APC to phpbb is almost the same as for memcached (just need to add acm_apc.php).

  3. Actually just adding acm_memcache.php is not enough. It is also need to add acm_memory.php.
    And in addition you need to install special memcache PHP extension. Thats makes thing work.

  4. That’s nice. I activated memcached on a small forum, less then 50 users. I don’t feel much of a difference but on another one with more then 800 users and ~6500 topics I can realy feel the improvement 🙂

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