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Zend Optimizer and Xcache make phpBB 3 faster

I moved one phpBB forum to a VPS. All fresh.
I have Apache installed and MySQL. phpBB 3 relay on them.
Because of the size of forum, about 500K posts, 1000 users, the forum is not as fast as I think.
I have to do something to improve the performance of it. I still remember that some opcode optimizer can help.

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Enable Memcache on phpBB 3

First of all, I need Memcache to be installed in the server.
I don’t want say too much about installation of Memcache. The topic is MAKE MEMCACHE WORK ON PHPBB3.
First get acm_memcache.php from code center of phpbb.
Put this file under /root/includes/acm/
There is acm_file.php already.
Then modify config.php
Replace $acm_type = ‘file’
$acm_type = ‘memcache’
That’s all.
Of course, if you do not use the default memcache installation, you need to config acm_memcache.php to let it know your IP and port.

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