I would like to introduce a site, CXTEC, which provide the very basic of the Internet, network cable. We all know that the internet has unlimited sites hosted on the web servers which are connected by the www.cxtec.com/products/cables network cables.


It is so popular that a lot of people will omit it. Actually when I build my home network, I use a brand name cable. Not from CXTEC, I don’t know CXTEC network cables at that time. 🙁
If you want to have a network and thinking about the network cables, I suggested you to read the following quoted.

The cable connection can be highly customized to any given network and can range from a simple Ethernet cable all the way up to copper, fiber optic, and specialty cables. Although there are others, the main difference in these different types of cables is connection speed (Ethernet being the slowest and fiber optic or specialty being the fastest).
Because each network is so unique, it is important to evaluate your own needs before choosing which type of cable to use.

I have an example of bad cables. The network connection is not stable. Some time OK, some time very slow or loss the connection. Do you know how to solve it? Just change the cable between the modem and router.
Just go to CXTEC to find the right network cables for you.

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