When I do the clean up in the storage room, I found a few coax cables. The are all labed as RG59. It is most popular type of cable when you go the the Bestbuy or other electric stores. Actually there are three types of Cable used in the house.Continue Reading

HDMI organization just posted HDMI FORUM RELEASES VERSION 2.0 OF THE HDMI SPECIFICATION. It is a new standard. Previous is HDMI 1.4 I wrote one post before about HDMI 1.3 vs HDMI 1.4 So, what about HDMI2.0. What’s new? HDMI 2.0 vs HDMI1.4 Max Clock Rate: 600Mhz vs 340Mhz MaximumContinue Reading

I bought three HDMI cables from Taobao. Price is much lower than those on Ebay. I just noticed that the HDMI is version 1.4 now. Based on the Wiki: HDMI 1.4 was released on May 28, 2009, and the first HDMI 1.4 products were available in the second half ofContinue Reading