Gimp vs Photoshop

I am noticed that a comment left on my Vista vs. Ubuntu, in which I mentioned Gimp can replace the Photoshop.
RantMax writed to me:

Replacing Photoshop with Gimp?
Have you ever worked with them professionally? I did, with both.
Gimp can’t step on Photoshop’s pinkie.

Yes, you are right. The photoshop is a software for High-End users. It has a lot of advanced features the Gimp doesn’t.
My question is do you need all these features. You may use some in your professional design. How many advanced functions you paid for, but never used?
For the regular users, as a homework, or some none-professional works, you can use Gimp.
I am always thinking to buy what I need, or what I will used.
If the low-priced Photoshop Elements fits your usage, why you still pay over $600 for Photoshop CS.
OK, Gimp is good enough for the home user. It has many basic features for your family photos.
I trust the Gimp can do great on basic photo editing work. In the professional side. Let borrow Caroline Dahllöf’s words, “Photoshop handles more layers with big images better”. He is Film GIMP developer. They use Film Gimp to make the movie, Scooby-Doo, on Linux.
I still have not enough information to say which one is better. It very depends on the users’ needs and budget.

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