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I finished a survy, Nortel 2006 Trend Survey, in September. So, I received two gift certificates. $15.00 each.
Firstly I go to to make the order. When I entered the claim code, it said the code is not correct. Then I went back to the email. Ok, it is said, “redeem at“. I can not use these gift certificates on
I saw there is a Super Saver Shipping with the order over $25.00. I choose two books. When I choose the destination, it said I can not use this Super Saver Shipping, because of the shipping address is no in USA.
That’s my orders. I live in Canada. I have gift certificates only valid in

PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites

For me.

The Giraffe Made Her Laugh

For my little daughter, Gloria.
The price including shipping is $31.75. I paied $1.75 in tatal only.
The books are on the way now.

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