I finished a survy, Nortel 2006 Trend Survey, in September. So, I received two Amazon.com gift certificates. $15.00 each.
Firstly I go to Amazon.ca to make the order. When I entered the claim code, it said the code is not correct. Then I went back to the email. Ok, it is said, “redeem at Amazon.com“. I can not use these gift certificates on Amazon.ca.
I saw there is a Super Saver Shipping with the order over $25.00. I choose two books. When I choose the destination, it said I can not use this Super Saver Shipping, because of the shipping address is no in USA.
That’s my orders. I live in Canada. I have gift certificates only valid in Amazon.com.

PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites

For me.

The Giraffe Made Her Laugh

For my little daughter, Gloria.
The price including shipping is $31.75. I paied $1.75 in tatal only.
The books are on the way now.

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