Upgrade Scode 0.1.5 to Scode0.1c
Details as below:
Download Scode from it site
My local copy here:Download file
Almost same as my Security Code Plug-in installed successfully
Only a little difference.
In step 2, 6)
Open lib/MT/Template/Context.pm
Change the code following Scode’s readme file.
Rebuild whole site.
(updated August 13, 2005)

David Yin

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2 Replies to “Scode upgraded

  1. Hello David,
    Thank you for the great info on installing scode. However, James Seng site is down and I cannot dowload scode. If is not too much of a problem, can you email me a copy of the lastest scode or provide me with a link to download it? Thank you in advance.

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