When I wanted to put a mp3 file on my BLOG, I met a problem. I can only put a link instead of a playing control panel.
Now, I got a way to make it works as what I want.

the embed html

below is the example html code for the embed tag

<embed src="soundfile.mid" hidden="false" border="0" width="310" height="45" autostart="true" autoplay="true" loop="true" volume="75%">

Break down of the example html source code shown as below:

how embed works
how the embed attributes work
src=”soundfile.mid” the url of the file
hidden=”false” shows the controls
hidden=”true” hides the controls
width=”310″ height=”45″
the dimensions of the control measured in pixels, play around with these
autostart=”true” autoplay=”true”
if set to true play automatically on load
autostart=”false” autoplay=”false”
if set to false do not play
loop=”true” if false play once only, if true repeat constantly
volume=”75%” set the volume as a percentage
Updated: 2005/11/18
For some people do not know how to put it into the MT blog. Check the Put the music file into blog.

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21 Replies to “How to put music on a webpage

  1. How do I allow music from MixPod to continue uninterrupted even if I click to eg, “Comments” in my blog. Regards

  2. I desprately require you to tell me how to put music on my email… If it is possible at all. My girlfriend wants me to send her some music over e-mail and I can’t do it. Please email me when or if you can tell me.
    Gun’s n’ Roses

  3. I can do that,,but i also want to put a list of difrent musics to ppl chose in this embemed mp3 player… what i must do? regards

  4. hi. i tried all the embed stuff but it is still not working. I uploaded my music to putfile.com and i pasted it in the “” signs and it just doesnt work. Please if you can help me it would be greatly appreciated!

  5. hey, i dragged the music into desktop and opened it with internet explorer.from there i took the link.the music works when i access the blog from my comp but ive got no idea if it works on others’ comp..

  6. hey there guys im pretty new to all this too, so how would i play a song on my blog thats on my hard drive,if i can at all?
    obviously i want every one else to hear it when they visit,also am i better off converting it to a w.m.v.?
    cheers guys for your anticipated help 🙂

  7. I still think it is very easy to embed music into the webpage.
    1) upload the music file to your site or some place, and you will get the url point to this file.
    2)use this url in the html code above.
    Note: This url should be accessed directly from internet if you want anyone can hear it.

  8. hello guys.im newbie here,,i only have a question..do i need an url to attach my music??.or i mean what url can i put my music on ?? thanks ^_^

  9. the code that I’m using is<EMBED src=playlist4 width=310 height=45 type=”text/html; charset=windows-1252;” volume=”75%” loop=”true” autoplay=”true” autostart=”true” border=”0″>
    The music I got from windows media player and then I safed the music to my computer.do you know why is not playing please help me

  10. hey I’m trying to put music on my blog for day but I can’t.I put the code and then when I go see if it works,their is just letters of the code and nothing happens(no sound)and when I go back to edit the page where a put the code there is this rectangle.Please help me.Can you e-mail me back.Thanks

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