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Regular Expression Library

When I am doing some programing, I may need the Regular Expression rule to validate the data user submit. It is used to protect the program and save the resource of server. To write a perfect Regular Expression Rule is not easy. You need try and try, test and test. Until I found this site

PHP connect DBF file

DBF is very old format databse type. About 10 years ago, I use dBase which use DBF format. Now I will show you how to connect the DBF file from PHP script. 1) Add a system DSN in ODBC Data Source Administrator I have a source named dd.

Moving from ASP to PHP

I have a dream, mentioned in my Chinese Blog. I want to replce the current Windows 2003 server by a Linux server. There are something to do before I move to Linux. I am familiar with the Windows just like lots of other people who runs a Windows desktop. Now for Server side, Linux, Bind,

Setup a New Ubuntu 6.10 Server

Last week, I installed Ubuntu 6.10 server version Linux on an old computer. You can see some information below from phpSysInfo. Let me record my installation history. 1) Download Ubuntu 6.10 server image file, and burn it on CD. 2) Boot the computer from this boot-able CD, while promoted, I choose LAMP, and use all