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Pontiac SV6 Remote Control fob not working

My Pontiac Remote is more than twelve years old. I replace the battery twice if my memory is not wrong.

How to Replace the Battery in a Pontiac Remote Control

Last month, the remote is not working any more. No matter how hard I press the rubber button.

I also clean the contact parts with rubber. Still not working.

After a few search on eBay and Amazon. The replacement of remote is more than $20. And also it is hard for me to program the key fob.

Later I bought a set of fob from Taobao. Actually it is not a completed set, but just the case and rubber. CNY15 each. I paid CNY 30 for two cases. Convert to Canadian dollor is CA$6.

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Replacing Rear Left Turn Signal Lamp

It is my second time to change the bulb of my MiniVan. I still can find my post which described how it did on my blog.

Last time it is 3057LL, Sylvania Long Life Lamps. Clear bulbs.

I went to Walmart and found 3057A LL, it is also Long Life Lamps, but, with yellow, or amber glass bulbs.


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Replace rear turn signal bulb of Montana SV6

It is the first time that I replace rear turn signal of Pontiac Montana SV6. I am not a handy man. I just like to play computer only.
OK. The situation is right rear turn signal issue. It is not working. If I send it to car dealer to fix it, it may cost $50.
How to DIY replace it? Which lamp is it to replace?
I do not want to give my whole story. Only valuable information is worth to record here.
1) Tool.
T screw driver. It is T-30, you need it.

2) Lamp
The original one is WAGNER 3057KX bulb.
I bought a Sylvania Long Life Lamps 3057LL. Two lamps a pack.
It is about $3.50 at Walmart.

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