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LG IPS 24MP56HQ Monitor Display Quality Assurance Report

Today, when I clean up my desk, I found a piece of paper whose title is Display Quality Assurance Report for LG monitor.


It looks like LG will calibrates this type of product before the factory release.

I do not understand it right now. But, I post it here for future use, since I will destroy the paper.

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LG IPS 24MP56HQ Monitor

I bought a new monitor at Costco. LG IPS monitor MP56.

The specifications:

  • Screen Size  23.8″
  • Panel Type AH-IPS
  • Color Depth 16.7M colors
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9
  • Screen resolution 1920X1080
  • Brightness 250cd/m2
  • Response Time 5ms
  • Contrast Ratio- DFC  5M:1
  • Viewing Angle 178
  • Surface Treatment Anti-Glare, 3H

Two Inputs: D-Sub and HDMI



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Fix Acer AL1916W Monitor

I have a LCD monitor, Acer AL1916W. I can remember when I bought it. But I do believe it is more than six years. I have two more monitor. One is Acer 1716B in early 2006, and Acer X223W in April 2009. So I got  Acer AL1916W between 2006 and 2009. These three monitors are working well for so many years.

Until last month, AL1916W has a problem. when press the power button of it, it shows ACER logo and display the Windows screen if PC is on. Just a few seconds, less than 20 seconds, it is black. The power button is green. I know the display signal is received by monitor, otherwise the button should be orange.

And at the same time I check the problem on Google. A lot of results go to backlit issue. Some are very clearly pointing to the failed capacitors.

If I replace it by a new one, I may need to pay about $150 to get a 19 inch LED backlit monitor from different brands. To repair it by myself, it may cost me less than 10 dollors.

OK, let me start it.

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How to Get the Most out of Your Hosting


Getting the most out of your hosting takes more than just picking a good plan. Most plans are marketed to look good, and frankly, most plans are good. Hosting is a known-quantity service that’s hard to mess up. You do need to do your homework and pick a good plan to start with, but this isn’t enough on its own. The following are some things you should turn into habits to make sure you’re really getting your money’s worth.

First, you should monitor your networks uptime and perfomance. You shouldn’t wait to notice a problem. Actively check to see how things are going and make sure your expectations are being lived up to. If you maintain an online business, keeping things under control on this front is directly linked to your daily profits, so you can’t let it slip. Always use external tools for this, as well. While most hosts will provide honest numbers, not all are very forthcoming about it.

Next, maintain a healthy relationship with your host. If they have a blog, read what they post. If they have a social media division, get engaged there. Make sure someone knows your name, or will recognize you from your community participation. This can help you get better service when you need it, and will give you more leverage if you have to make the tough call to really lean on your host to make something right. Hope for the best and assume good faith, but prepare for the worst.

Setup dual monitor for desktop

I have two monitor. Both are Acer. One is x223w, the other is AL1716.

Now I connected both of them to my computer. I have dual monitor working together side by side.

Left side is the main monitor, or monitor 1, through DVI port. The right monitor is monitor 2, or extended screen, through 15pin RGB port.

The effective of color are almost same.


I worked most time on left side. Playing video, reading reference doc, etc, on the right side.

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vnStat is a good network traffic monitor

I installed vnStat on one of my VPS. After about 20 days tracking, I ask the support of
What is the figures of past 20 days they monitored?
The support email me the report.
Month: 2012 Jul
Day Incoming Outgoing Total
12 47.65 MB 731.46 MB 779.11 MB
13 37.52 MB 593.08 MB 630.6 MB
14 84.81 MB 615.17 MB 699.98 MB
15 45.95 MB 658.43 MB 704.37 MB
16 48.44 MB 743.58 MB 792.02 MB
17 44.29 MB 647.25 MB 691.55 MB
18 40.19 MB 652.6 MB 692.78 MB
19 114.48 MB 642.12 MB 756.6 MB
20 47.86 MB 709.87 MB 757.73 MB
21 46.71 MB 687.91 MB 734.62 MB
22 55.72 MB 756.85 MB 812.57 MB
23 63.55 MB 927.75 MB 991.31 MB
24 96.13 MB 1.19 GB 1.29 GB
25 55.6 MB 676.65 MB 732.25 MB
26 35.63 MB 564.44 MB 600.08 MB
27 57.1 MB 994.59 MB 1.03 GB
28 50.95 MB 754.29 MB 805.24 MB
29 35.43 MB 637.68 MB 673.11 MB
30 36.95 MB 629.61 MB 666.55 MB
31 55.68 MB 610.07 MB 665.75 MB
The figure of my own records are as below:

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