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Chromium OS for VirtualBox

Google announced that new Ultrabook, Chromebook Acer C7 yesterday. It is $199.00, available in US and UK now. It is the cheapest Chromebook, comparing with Samsung Chromebook from $249 to $449. Acer C7 has Inter Core CPU, 2GB memory,3 USB ports, 1 HDMI, 1 VGA, 11.6 inch screen, 4 cell battery with 3.5 hours. It

How to Add Google +1 Button

Google announce to release Google +1 Button to third party. It is good tool for Blogger. To add it on site, or blog like my MovableType blog, just two script need to be added. 1) Add following tag code to your head or just before your close body tag 2)Place this tag where you want

Got new smartphones with Telus

We, my wife and I want two basic phone plan. We have very few calls. We want we can call each other for free. In the Brentwood Mall, I took three flies from the three major players of the Canadian cellphone market. Including Telus, Fido, Rogers, Then we sit in the food court. Doing the

Upgrade Google mod_pagespeed v0.9.10.1-250

Google Mod_pagespeed is an active project. I am noticed that it is has a new update now. Google mod_pagespeed v0.9.10.1-250 Project site has the latest update: There is still shown as Actually when I download and update, the latest binary is shown as above. http://code.google.com/p/modpagespeed/ The upgrade is very simple, let me show it.

Google Voice for iPhone release

Finally, Google Voice is available on iPhone. So I trust it is also OK for iPod Touch. They said: With this native app, you’ll continue to have access to all the major Google Voice features on your iPhone, like: * Cheap rates for international calls * Free text messaging to U.S. numbers * Voicemail transcription

Google mod_pagespeed v0.9.1.1-171 release

mod_pagespeed has so big problem on Centos and other Linux dist. It release the to fix following bugs. Issue 5 Incorrectly handling not-quoted font-family names with spaces Issue 7 insert_img_dimensions not detecting existing dimensions Issue 10 A whole lot of HTTPD processes Issue 11 After installing module server becomes unusable Issue 18 LogLevel

Stay away from Google Money Scams

When you suffer websites, you may see these kind of Google Money Scam ads. It tells that you can make thousands money without any computer skills from Google. It is really Scam. Google officially provide the information about How to steer clear of money scams. It does help to identify which is the trick.