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Update Fitbit Zip firmware 5.86

To update Fitbit Zip firmware, click the icon of Fitbit Connect on the task bar. Then click the Check the device update link.

It may ask you email and password to log in your own account. If it find updates, the screen will shown as below,


And the device will shown the updating bar.


When the update done, the Fitbit Connect will display the information:


The question is, I can not find the the version of firmware updated from the program.

I just be hit by the low battery notice, So I replace the battery CR2025.

When I put the cap on the battery, I saw the device screen shows 5.86. I believe it is the firmware version.

The latest firmware version of Fitbit Zip is 5.86 for now.



Water Proof Fitbit Zip

Fitbit Zip is not just a water proof activity tracker. Yesterday, it is proved itself that it can also survive after 30 minutes warm-water washing and 50 minutes drying. I forgot to take it out from my jean pocket before I put it in laundry room.

This is the picture I took today. It is clean and smelled like fresh air.



The back of tracker has a cover with rubber O-ring.  That is way it is water proof.

Fitbit Zip tracker lost syncing?

This morning, I found my Fitbit Zip tracker lost its connection with my Nexus 7 Fitbit app. It can not sync with the wireless USB dongle either.  The device looks OK. Still tracking my steps and others. It is just lost syncing from last Friday.


My guess is something wrong with the tracker itself.  Maybe settings of bluetooth.

So reset the device.

Restarting your tracker will turn it off and then on. Restarting your tracker does not clear its data.

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Fitbit syncing support more devices now

I use Fitbit almost one year. I need a USB device to synchronize data it collect. The USB device should work with PC and its program, Fitbit connect.

Now Fitbit syncing support more devices.

Including iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 4s, iPod Touch 5, iPad Mini, etc.

Most important news for me is that it is supporting Nexus 7 (2013) now.


It means I don’t have to turn on my PC and sit beside it to wait the data synchronizing.  I can play my favorite games,Jewel Mania, Fragger, Candy Crush, or Angry Birds, the data syncing is done without further action.


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Fitbit zip wireless activity tracker

I bought one Fitbit Ultra to my wife. She is using it all day and night.

I feel it is great tool. So I ordered one more Fitbit gardget for myself. It is called Fitbit Zip. It is a wireless activity Tracker. Comparing with Fitibit Ultra, Zip can track steps, distance, and calories burned only.

Fitbit Zip can not track Stairs Climebd or sleeping. For me, it is enough. I just want to know how many steps every day.


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