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SPF record for your Email server

If you have your own email server like me, you may need to know something about SPF record. From the SPF website, I got the following description: SPF fights return-path address forgery and makes it easier to identify spoofs. Domain owners identify sending mail servers in DNS. SMTP receivers verify the envelope sender address against

New look of DNS Stuff

I used DNS Stuff very often. It is a handy tool for network. Such as Reverse DNS lookup, WHOIS Lookup, DNS Report, etc. It changed UI to new look. Web 2.0 like face. Use DNS report, I can easily recognize the setting of my DNS server of my domain. I can fix the bugs if

DNS update : Shaw vs. Telus

I changed my site’s DNS setting through 1and1 yesterday. The site can not be reached about 1 day average. The same situation I met almost two or three times a year. I browse my site properly last night. I use Shaw Cable at home. They always update their DNS server very quickly. The problem is