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How to know the disk usage of your VPS

It is a simple task and a very common task for a VPS user. You have a VPS, and want to know the disk usage of your data and system. You are also want to know which folder takes the biggest disk space.

The command is du



du takes a single argument, specifying a pathname for du to work; if it is not specified, the current directory is used. The SUS mandates for du the following options:

-a, display an entry for each file (and not directory) contained in the current directory
-c, display a grand total of the disk usage found by the other arguments
-d #, the depth at which summing should occur. -d 0 sums at the current level, -d 1 sums at the subdirectory, -d 2 at sub-subdirectories, etc.
-H, calculate disk usage for link references specified on the command line
-k, show sizes as multiples of 1024 bytes, not 512-byte
-L, calculate disk usage for link references anywhere
-s, report only the sum of the usage in the current directory, not for each file
-x, only traverse files and directories on the device on which the pathname argument is specified.


Above command usage method retrieved from Wikipedia.

Here is what I entered to get the result I want.



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Ubuntu tool – Ubuntu Tweak

I use Ubuntu on my Netbook, Acer Aspire One. It has only 8 GB SSD as storage.
The disk space is always tight there. That is why I install Lubuntu on it. Light and quick respond.

After a few months use and a few times update. The free space is even tight. I have to do something.

OK, I would like to introduce this ubuntu tool, Ubuntu Tweak. It has a built-in function, Janitor.


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Keep fit on Lxadmin

I use VPS about one year. There is Lxadmin running on it.
I found the files growing so fast. To remove some un-necessary files I did some research and got the answer.
Two steps.
1) Disable installapp to remove the installation files.
I do install all Open Source program by myself. I have never use installapp, so I decided to remove these.
Admin — general option — disable installapp
Then go to SSH, run following script, it takes a while.
This step can save about 1G.

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