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OpenVPN, Burst.Net, OpenVZ,

I played VPN on Burst.net last week. There something new for me. I recorded here for reference. 1) Burst.Net has budget VPS. $5.95/MONTH with Memory: 512MB GUARANTEED It is based on OpenVZ. 2) It is only support OpenVPN, not pptpd. 3) To install OpenVPN, first enable Tun/Tap at the vePortal > Info&Security 4) When use

I give up SWVPS

No more words, I give up SWVPS, which I used for two years. The VPS down lasting 3 days. Five tickets, can not solve the problem as quickly as I imaged. At last, I can use it, but the resource is not stable. I think the support has problem on them. They tried rebuild VPS,

Webmin 1.520 on CentOS 5.5 Linux

Webmin: Web Control Panel for Linux server. CentOS: My favorite Linux Distribution I have VPS powered by CentOS 5.5. Webmin 1.520 running on it. For most of the jobs, I don’t have to go to the command environment. It works like a dream. The VPS running on Burstnet. I have my Chinese SEO Blog on