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Service Advisory – OpenVZ Platform from BurstNet

It is confirmed that the iproute problem is a bug of CentOS or Fedora linux system on OpenVZ platform.

BurstNet sent a email to me about this issue.

We are contacting you to make you aware of an issue that is affecting OpenVZ Red Hat based VPS servers. This issue can effect Fedora and Centos based systems hosted on any VZ platforms. So this is not isolated to Burstnet OpenVZ VPS servers. If you do not have a Red Hat based Linux OS installed, then you can disregard this email.

An update for Red Hat based operating systems was recently released by the developers of these Linux distributions, that breaks the IP route software installed on them. If the IP route software is broken, then the networking service for the operating system will not start and the VPS will not connect to the network.  When a VPS is affected in this manner, Veportal may report that the VPS is started, however it will not be accessible over the internet.  Please note that BurstNET does NOT push updates to VPS operating systems.

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Abuse Alert from – HTML/PicFrame.Gen

It is the first time, I received the abuse alert form, the VPS service provider.
They said there is some malicious content on my VPS. Their backbone providers found it and reported to them and Burst ask me to respond in 24 hours.


I click the like they provided. It is a picture. It is just an image file with jpg extension. I can open it in the browser. But I want to do even more to investigate.
So I download it and use Notepad++, which is a free open source text editor software, to open it. At the end of the file, the harmful content is shown as below:

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vnStat is a good network traffic monitor

I installed vnStat on one of my VPS. After about 20 days tracking, I ask the support of
What is the figures of past 20 days they monitored?
The support email me the report.
Month: 2012 Jul
Day Incoming Outgoing Total
12 47.65 MB 731.46 MB 779.11 MB
13 37.52 MB 593.08 MB 630.6 MB
14 84.81 MB 615.17 MB 699.98 MB
15 45.95 MB 658.43 MB 704.37 MB
16 48.44 MB 743.58 MB 792.02 MB
17 44.29 MB 647.25 MB 691.55 MB
18 40.19 MB 652.6 MB 692.78 MB
19 114.48 MB 642.12 MB 756.6 MB
20 47.86 MB 709.87 MB 757.73 MB
21 46.71 MB 687.91 MB 734.62 MB
22 55.72 MB 756.85 MB 812.57 MB
23 63.55 MB 927.75 MB 991.31 MB
24 96.13 MB 1.19 GB 1.29 GB
25 55.6 MB 676.65 MB 732.25 MB
26 35.63 MB 564.44 MB 600.08 MB
27 57.1 MB 994.59 MB 1.03 GB
28 50.95 MB 754.29 MB 805.24 MB
29 35.43 MB 637.68 MB 673.11 MB
30 36.95 MB 629.61 MB 666.55 MB
31 55.68 MB 610.07 MB 665.75 MB
The figure of my own records are as below:

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Install vnstat on Centos at to monitor the traffic

The traffic graphic on portal is not correct. It is what support stuff said. So I would like to install my own traffic monitoring service to track home much I use during the month.

vnStat is the one we are going to go through the installation.

The screen shot below is the report I have for last two weeks.


1) Install vnstat

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OpenVPN, Burst.Net, OpenVZ,

I played VPN on last week.
There something new for me. I recorded here for reference.
1) Burst.Net has budget VPS. $5.95/MONTH with Memory: 512MB GUARANTEED
It is based on OpenVZ.
2) It is only support OpenVPN, not pptpd.
3) To install OpenVPN, first enable Tun/Tap at the vePortal > Info&Security
4) When use OpenVPN client GUI on Windows 7, run it as Administrator.
5) Use Webmin to manage the OpenVPN.

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I give up SWVPS

No more words, I give up SWVPS, which I used for two years.
The VPS down lasting 3 days. Five tickets, can not solve the problem as quickly as I imaged.
At last, I can use it, but the resource is not stable.
I think the support has problem on them. They tried rebuild VPS, re-mount my VPS, etc. Everything I have to wait 3 or more hours.
Now, I moved to Hope it is better than SwVPS.

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