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Traffic Reports

It is already twelve days past. I started a new campaign since March 20. Here is an update of it.

From 2019.03.20 to 2019.3.30

Compared with the previous year.


Traffic from 2019.3.20 to 2019.3.30
  • Users: 39.76% increase
  • New Users: 39.46% increase
  • Sessions: 45.73% increase
  • Pageviews: 77.61% increase
  • Bounce Rate: 8.54% decrease.

These changes are in a good direction. I am happy about it.

Based on the Awstats report.

During the same period.

Average Visits is 576,  105% increase.

Average pages is 2379,  165% increase.

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Increase Blog Traffic 2014

There are so many tips to help blogger to increase blog traffic. Here is my list for 2014.


  • Make my blog content SEO-Friendly.
  • Use Twitter, Facebook, Google+
  • Add Graphics, photos and illustrations.
  • Frequently modify or improve my own posts.
  • Enable Subscriptions.
  • Welcome user comments.
  • Participate Q&A sites, including Yahoo Answer,, Quora, StackExchange, etc.
  • Publish posts regularly.
  • publish posts often


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