I have a dream

I have a dream. In the dream, I found This blog can attract more readers than last month. Maybe double by pageview or PV. Sometimes it is very hard, especially it is in the bottleneck of the content creation and giving exposure.

There are 31 days of this month, January. It is already 8 days passed. If I make a new post every two days. It means 15 posts in a month. I would like to happy to see double the traffic of my blog.

For example, last month, I have 7000 pageviews. I want to double it to 14,000 pageviews. Roughly, 450 page views per day, or 3161 pageviews per week.

Go back to the plan, I publish a post every two days. It is 3 posts per week. To reach the target, each post needs to get 800 views. Other page views will come from the old posts. It is hard.

Let me start it from today. I still need to catch up on the missing posting last week.

My dream is simple. My plan is also simple.

Target:  Reach 14000 PV in January

Action Plan: Publish 15 posts in January.

Go back to the past plans I made before. Almost every time I made this kind of decision in the new year. Some are successful, but some are failed. This time it is different because it is a dream. It is in my dream, I saw the blog has doubled pageviews in a month.

Let me have a more detailed action plan for this January.

Plan – To-Do List

  • Publish more: post every two days.
  • Publish in regular time: workday.
  • Publish better content: helpful and valuable content in my expertise.
  • Publish blog post a little bit longer: minimum 300 words, better to 600 words.
  • On-page optimization: ongoing task, make the blog smooth and look better.
  • Social Marketing: Twitter and Facebook maybe.
  • Grab the idea from the keywords in Google Analytics and Search records.
  • Add more Graphics, photos, or illustrations.
  • Participate in Q&A social sites, like StackExchange, Quora, etc.
  • Improve the old posts: edit the old post to make it better.

It is a beautiful world. Winter is also beautiful. See the following pictures from Yosemite National Park, California.

Welcome to comments and be a Penpal

If you saw this post and feel it is interesting to you. You are welcome to do the same with me. Leave your comments below. I will visit your blog and generate a positive blogging group.

There are so many bloggers in the world. I love this self-publish environment. Everyone can make his own voice out. See you next post.