Just got the email from Amazon. It announced Multipart Upload for S3 storage. We are excited to announce Multipart Upload which enables faster, more flexible uploads into Amazon S3. Multipart Upload allows you to upload a single object as a set of parts. Each part is a contiguous portion ofContinue Reading

I finished a survy, Nortel 2006 Trend Survey, in September. So, I received two Amazon.com gift certificates. $15.00 each. Firstly I go to Amazon.ca to make the order. When I entered the claim code, it said the code is not correct. Then I went back to the email. Ok, itContinue Reading

I focuse on the Search Engine Optimization area. This is very interesting issue for the website owner. As I mentioned in Auguest, I make a new Blog for SEO and WebSite Marketing in Chinese. I learned from a lot of sources, including this following book. Search Engine Optimization – AnContinue Reading