It is already 2024.  I would like to look back and see what I did in the past year.

How many posts have I published in 2023?  80 blog posts 11 blog posts 21 blog posts

So, the total is 112 posts, including English and Chinese.

How many Page Views in 2023? 305K PVs. 62K PVs 412K PVs

About my personal life. I lost my Godfather, Joe. He is such a good man.

My Godfather

To me, he was in many roles – a primary school friend of my father-in-law, a convent classmate of my father-in-law, a good friend of my wife’s uncle, and one of the first people I met in Canada. I used to work in his company. With his help, I was able to settle down in Canada relatively smoothly. At that time, it was the time when Hong Kong immigrants leaving Canada and the Canadian economy was in the doldrums. With his help, it was like a blessing in disguise for us. I have worked in his company for many years.

He was an old parishioner who had suffered trials and tribulations in the Mainland when he was young, and he was arrested only because he was a practicing Catholic. Young people nowadays, or parishioners abroad, simply cannot understand such religious oppression and ideological torture.

The godfather was 90 years old. Before the operation, he was still living basically on his own, usually driving a car and living alone, and since this spring 2023, I have been going to his home three times a week to make lunch and eat and chat with him. Before that, of course, I usually had him over for dinner from time to time. In the last year or two, there have been fewer nights out. I’m glad to be able to help him with something, to be able to talk to him and listen to him talk about the past. Each time I would think of a menu, go grocery shopping, and then go to his house and cook on the spot.

In fact, up to now, I still can’t quite accept the fact that he has left us. Before that, I had promised to drink Maotai wine and eat raw Spanish Iberian ham together when he finished his operation. There are still so many dishes I want to cook that I haven’t made for him yet.

In 2019, I decided to be a Catholic and attended the RCIA course, and the first thing I thought of was to ask him to be my godfather.  He gave me his subscription to the “Taiwan Catholic Weekly”. He also gave me advice on the religious questions.

My godfather is one of my guides into the Church, and I have seen him do many things to help others without asking for anything in return. He also entrusted us to do some small things, and we will do well according to his instructions, please rest assured.


It is hard in 2023.

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