I am using Bootstrap for many years. Some projects are still using the old v5.0. The latest Bootstrap v5.3.1 is released on July 26, 2023. I don’t have time to learn it until now.

Let me study it and find out What’s New since v5.3.0.

Color modes:

  • Increased color contrast for dark mode by replacing $gray-500 with $gray-300 for the body color
  • Added our color mode switcher JavaScript to our examples ZIP download


  • Improved disabled styling for all .nav-links, providing .disabled and :disabled for use with anchors and buttons
  • Add support for Home and End keys for navigating tabs by keyboard
  • Added some basic styling to toggle buttons when no modifier class is present
  • Fixed carousel colors in dark mode


  • Fixed floating label disabled text color


  • .text-bg-* utilities now use CSS variables


Add new $navbar-dark-icon-color Sass variable
Removed duplicate $alert Sass variables
Added a new variable for $vr-border-width to customize the vertical rule helper width


  • Added search to our homepage
  • Improved responsive behavior on Dashboard example
  • Improved dark mode rendering of Cheatsheet examples


It is kind of harder to learn something from the Doc site. The best way for me is to make something with it. I just briefly read the Doc and start coding. I will study the details when I need it in my codes.

So I keep two monitors on, one for my program, and the other one for Doc reference page.


How do you study a new technology? Let me know in the comments below.


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