Testslive is a one-stop site to provide the prepairation material for the exams of HP CSA – Converged Infrastructure Administration Certification.

Unlike other certifications, the HP CSA – Converged Infrastructure Administration is primarily targeted towards HP customers, partners, or employees. Since this is a professional level certification, HP expects interested professionals to have advanced level skills and prior relevant work experience. If a candidate is interested in earning this certification, they should have previous experience being responsible for the daily operations of a data center. Additionally, candidates interested in obtaining this certification should have daily experience working within a converged infrastructure environment.

Professionals who earn this HP certification demonstrate to potential employers that they are able to operate a data center efficiently and effectively. Candidates who wish to earn this certification must be able to prove that they can use the tools that have been implemented in a data center in order to support the converged environment. Also, they must be highly skilled in tuning and troubleshooting, and related concepts. The ability to use the tools associated with HP Operations Orchestration is needed by professionals who wish to earn this certification so that they can adequately provision resources and services.

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