I used to use Web developer tools on the Firefox browser. But yesterday, I was using Chrome’s Web developer tools. There is something that gets my attention.

As I know, http/2 or H2 is the latest web protocol now. Some old school web sites are still using http/1.1.  It is kind of hard to find a web site on http/1.0.

Actually I am talking about the new staff, http/3.

I noticed that h3-Q050 is shown on the Protocol refer to the sites of Google.


This is an example of a http/1.1 connection.  http://www.gov.cn

HTTP version 1.1 intruduced in 1997. vi wikipedia


This is an example of HTTP/2 site. https://canada.ca

HTTP/2 is approved as Proposed Standard oon Feb. 17, 2015. And was updated in Feb. 2020 in regard to TLS 1.3.  See Wikipedia


Google starts to use draft HTTP/3. There are not much to say. Mostly from Google. Based on QUIC. Still draft standard. Before the draft, it is HTTP over QUIC.

Quick and Short HTTP Versions

HTTP/0.9: Year 1991; one method

HTTP/1.0: Year 1996; headers, caching, languages

HTTP/1.1: Year 1999; keepalives, upgrades, ranges, hosts

SPDY: Year 2009; one tcp conn, gzip headers, flow control

HTTP/2: Year 2015; HPACK, priorities, server push

New from HTTP/3

  • It is on UDP, instead of TCP.
  • Less reliance on kernel.
  • Built-in encryption.
  • Conneciton ID: migrate connections.
  • Faster negotiation.


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