I have a VM using VirtualBox on Windows 10. The VM was created last year. Now I feel it is too small.  I am going to increased the disk without damaging the data on it.

The basic information of the VM.

  • It is Ubuntu 16.04 server mode. It means no GUI installed.
  • The original disk size is 8GB.
  • VDI disk file.
  • LVM file system was used when I installed the VM.
  • Windows 10 pro (15063.674 build) is the host system.
  • VirtualBox 5.1.28 when I do the following.

I am going to increased the disk size from 8Gb to 12GB.

Step 1: Increase the vdi file.

D:\VirtualBox VM>"C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxmanage" modifyhd "ubuntu 16.04.vdi" --resize 12000

Step 2: Use Gparted CD image to modify the size of partition.

  • Download the latest verion of Gparted v0.30 iso file.
  • Attached the iso file to storage of the VM.
  • Start the VM.
  • Using default option of Gparted tool.
  • The following screen shown in the VM terminal window.

partition with the lockThere are two locks on the partitions, sda2 and sda5.

I have to unlock them first.  Highlight the sda5, right-click and choose Deactivate.

Deactive the partitionWhen done, I can resize the partitions without problem.

Partition without the lock

  • Resize sda2  to the maximum first, then sda5.

Resize the partition

  • Apply the changes to the disk or partitions. It may takes a minute or longer.

Apply changes

  • After the above changes,  the partitions are looks like below.

New size of the partitions

Step 3: Resize the LVM, logical volumes,

  • Shutdown the VM
  • Remove the Gparted ISO file from the VM in Virtualbox manager
  • Start VM
  • I use Webmin to manage the size of LVM
  • Webmin > Hardware > Logical Volume Management

There are three tabs.

  • Volume Groups: ubuntu-vg is 11.24GB already.
  • Physical Volumes: sda5 is 11.24GB already.
  • LocicalVolumes: root is about 7Gb. It needs to increase.

Click root LV, change Volume size to “Use all free VG space”, Save and restart the VM.




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