To provide higher security and better privacy protection, I added SSL certificate on my Blog, here.

When you enter the url of my blog: http:///, it will redirect you to the SSL version,

The certificate is purchased from , three years certificate of Comodo PositiveSSL.

The latest price is $13.15/3years.


Look at the comodo secure lock, it is a site seal.

Here is the log of how I did to add it to my Apache web server.

  1. SSH to VPS, enter following command to generate ECC private key(Server Key)
    openssl ecparam -out server.key -name prime256v1 -genkey The server is the name of my server. Note: Recommended ECC key size is 256 bit. If greater encryption strength is required, you can choose secp384r1 or prime521v1. 256 bit ECC key is stronger than 2048 bit RSA key.
  2. Save the generated .key file, this private key is required later for ECC SSL certificate installation.
  3. Enter the following command to generate a ECC Certificate Signing Request (CSR)
    openssl req -new -key server.key -out server.csr
  4. Now, you will be prompted, enter the following information:
    Country Name (2 letter code): CA
    State of Province Name: BC
    Locality Name: Burnaby
    Organization Name:
    Organizational Unit Name: Administration
    Common Name:
    Note: The above is my information for this blog. You should type it with your own information. The last common name is the FQDN of your site.
  5. Then, you have server.csr file. It is a ECC csr.
  6.  Go to site. Make a new order of SSL certificate.Paid it.
  7. In the Incomplete list, find the new order and go to CSR part. Copy and Paste the content of server.csr into the prompted field. Click submit.
  8. Now, gogetssl knows which site you want to use SSL certificate, it is the time to verify the ownership of the domain. I choose to receive the verification code.
  9. Wait about two minutes, I got the email. I followed the instruction to open a url and enter the code. Then ownership is verified.
  10. Wait about five more minutes, the package of certificate is sent to my email.
  11. There are two files attached in the email
    • My PositiveSSL Certificate – www_yinfor_com.crt
    • My Apache “bundle” file –
  12. I transfered these two files and server.key to my VPS, put them at /etc/ssl/
  13. I went to Mozilla SSL Configuration Generator to make my SSL configuration and edit my Apache configuration file.
  14. Actually at my Apache setting, one 80 is set to redirect to, another 443 is for actual site.
  15. Restart Apache to make them effective.
  16. Use ssllab to test the SSL strength, got A+

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  1. It’s free to upgrade your GOGETSSL account to “[P] Premium Partner” by sending a ticket to them, you will get
    Comodo PositiveSSL $11.25 for 3 years. 🙂

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